Monday, August 31, 2015

Doctor appointments

We had to go to the doctor and get some chest X-rays done for Jace a few days ago. I feel so bad for Jace every time we go to the doctor because it's a lot of waiting, sitting, and new scary faces. Jace always handles it like a champion! The boy is amazing! We also went and saw a doctor to get a full check up on his development. He is doing well, but probably should be saying a few more words than he is. They checked his ears and it looks like there is fluid behind his ear drums. He has had 3 ear infections and I think that he has constant ear pain. He has been having the hardest time sleeping lately and I think it's his ears. So we are going to go see a specialist for that in a few weeks. Next week we have to go get some labs done and have a normal 3 hour CF appointment on Friday. He is growing up so much! It makes me happy, but sad to see him grow up! I just love my little baby!!

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