Monday, June 22, 2015


i haven't written a lot in a while because life got a little crazy and busy. Jared and I both graduated in the beginning on May and so April was crazy busy with school and work. Then as soon as we graduated Jace got sick. He first got the stomach flu for about a week and we ended up having to go to the hospital I the middle of the night to make sure he wasn't too dehydrated. It was a bad 4 days of no sleep. He only slept for small amounts of I held him. Then after he started getting better and he started eating a little more he got a double ear infection. That was horrible too. He got on antibiotics and we had to give him Tylenol every 4 hours to keep him happy. That lasted the whole 10 days while we were on antibiotics but as soon as they were done I took him into the doctor because I wasn't convinced he was better. It's because he wasn't. He still had the ear infection so we started the 2nd round of antibiotics. I guess I should add that we also have to increase CPT (pounding on his chest for 45 min) to 4x a day instead of the normal 2x. So the days become long and exhausting. So final we finished the second round of antibiotics when I took him in to the doctor and he said they looked clear! Hurray! I was so happy because we had this huge Yellowstone trip planned just a few days later do I didn't want him to be sick for it. So we went to Yellowstone and half way through the trip we get a call from his CF doctor saying he cultured a bad bug. I just about died because we weren't anywhere close to a pharmacy and I only got a message and nothing else because I was not in cell service range. So I was so stressed out and called the doctor about 8x before I got a hold of her and she told me he needed to get on another round of antibiotics!! This kid is 9 months old and has been on 5 different antibiotics. I am grateful for them but they screw up his appetite and his bowels. I really don't like antibiotics. So hopefully this round will kill the bug and Jace can start feeling better. Poor kid handles being sick so well!! I love him so much and wish I could take away his pain! 

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