Sunday, May 31, 2015

8 months

Jace is 8 and 1/2 months old!!! I can't believe have fast time has flown by. Jace started crawling at 7 1/2 months and has perfected it by now. He can get from one room to the next so fast. He loves to be where ever his parents are so anytime we leave the room he follows. He has his 2 bottom teeth and his top teeth are starting to come in. Jace loves kids - he will sit and crawl around and watch when kids are near. He loves our cat - Bella. He will play with her all day everyday if I let him. She doesn't always play nice though :(. His first words were dadada and then he started saying mamama. Now he switches between the two. He hasn't really had a first word yet. He loves balls. Especially volleyballs!! He will play with those all day every day.
Jace has been sick for the whole month of May and it has been really really hard on me.
Cystic fibrosis has played a huge part in our lives, but I feel like it hasn't taken away everything.

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