Monday, February 23, 2015

The Call

Jace was 2 1/2 weeks old when we got the first call.
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the care driving home from Target when my phone rang and it was my doctor. He said "Since Jace's results have come back positive for cystic fibrosis you need to schedule an appointment with Primary Children's to go get a sweat test, and a genetic test done." My mouth dropped. Wait what?? my son has cystic fibrosis. What is this? are you sure? what is happening? My mind went back to what I remembered reading about CF when it came up 6 weeks prior to this conversation. I couldn't remember anything except it is genetic. I then said to the doctor "Are you sure". He then stopped and said "Oh my gosh I am so sorry I thought someone from the state already called you to tell you. I would've been more gentle. I am so sorry." I was so confused. I then thought to myself. You would've been more gentle? Is this a big deal? What is going on!!!
After I got off the phone I walked inside and started crying. I told Jared and my mom what the doctor said and we all got on the internet right away and started researching it.
I grabbed Jace and hugged him and kissed him all over. I wanted to take it away, I wanted it to not be real.
How could this small, sweet little boy be sick?? 

I talked to the nurse from the state later that day and I said "Well these results don't mean that he for sure has CF right? It just means that he might have CF?" She then told me that with numbers like his he most likely had CF. She had never not seen numbers this high come back not positive. I was devastated. She took away all my hope that Jace might be ok. 
(looking back I am so glad that she didn't give me hope!! I am so grateful for her!!!)

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