Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweat Test

Jared was able to take work off the next week after we got the call and we went up to Primary Children's hospital and got the sweat test done. It was horrible to watch Jace cry during the test. They put these metal bands around their arms and have these electroids on them to catch the sweat to see how much salt was in the sweat.
*People with CF sweat out salt more than the average person so this test is done to see how much salt they produce.
Jace's numbers came back later that day as super high and that he for certain had cystic fibrosis. I got a call at like 4pm from the Cystic fibrosis doctor up at primary children's hospital saying that we needed to get him in right away! So we scheduled an appointment for that Friday.  

This picture isn't Jace - I didn't get a picture while Jace got his done. I was standing next to him holding his binky and giving him "sweeties" (sugar water).

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