Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 11, 2011

The weekend of September 9-11 2011 was a great weekend. Jared and I on Friday went to the ASU football game (pics to come). It was really fun! We are going to try and go a lot more! Then Saturday we watched football and cooked all day. Then on Sunday we made a finished all of our cooking and had a delicious dinner with my favorite dessert!!!!

This is our yummy cafe rio dinner!!! Ranch dressing and all!!! Jared made the meat and dressing and I made the pico, and cut up everything else. Jared is such a good chef!

This is my favorite dessert that I made! I got the recipe from one of my friends in the ward! It's an ice cream cake!!! IT"S SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!

While we were eating our dinner we were enjoying more football! The Cardinals game!!

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