Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend Jared and I went CAMPING!! It was so much fun! This was a beautiful campground that we camped at. We luckily got there during the day friday and missed most of the traffic. We got the 2nd to last spot at Christopher Creek! It was a blast!!!

Jared was so amazing and set up the tent and this awesome tarp! He made it out of pipe so we didn't have to buy one!! I'm so glad a married a handy-man! I love him and his fun ideas so much!!! Next time he's going to make it a little bit bigger ;)

Us in love by the fire! We both LOVE watching the fire!

This was on our way home!!! We bought a delicious strawberry smoothie from an ice cream place called scoops! I want to go back just for that amazing smoothie!!!! :)

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