Monday, August 15, 2011

Random pictures

Yes this is my husband! He dressed up as a girl when we went to california because one of the nights we stayed with my BFF Alyssa and she had extensions laying out. So of course my crazy, adorable husband put them on and acted like a girl! I LOVE HIM!!!!

This is at trevon's wedding dinner! Trevon is Jared's best friend who got married on June 24. This was the night before at the church. It was really good food from what I remember! My favorite part was at the reception they had an ice cream place come and serve there delicious desert!!!! (I LOVE ICE CREAM)

Friday July 22-24 Jared and I babysat all weekend my favorite little family! These two cute boys are Adam and Aaron! 2 of the smartest, cutest looking boys I know!

This is Anna, my little sister, I call her! We went to water and ice and both had blue mustaches!

This is at the "after party" of Eden's baptism. I can't remember the exact date, but sometime in June.

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