Monday, August 15, 2011


So Jared loves camping! I on the other hand also like camping, but the bug free, electricity, plumbing, and cabin kind of camping. :) Even though I'm not a very big camping person Jared and I decided to go camping on August 12-14.
We left Gilbert about 4:00pm and was hoping to get to Sedona before dark so we could put our tent up with light. Well we were making good time until a policeman stopped all the cars on the I-17. There was a hay truck that caught on fire and started a brush fire, so tons of cars were backed up waiting patiently to get there. By the time they opened the freeway it was already 8:30 so we drove very slowly for a while because there was SOOOOOOOO much traffic.
When we got to Sedona it was about 10:30pm. So we stopped at every camp ground we could find and ALL of them were full. So we kept driving...
We ended up staying in a random forest in flagstaff. It was 11:30 by the time we decided on a spot. Jared was awesome and set the tent up so fast. Blew the air-mattress up and we fell right asleep.

This is a picture of the place we put our tent the night before. As soon as that sun came up there was no hope in staying asleep so we got up and moved on to sedona again hoping there would be an opening in a camp site for us to stay in!

We ended up getting on a waiting list for the camp site and the super nice camp host said to come back at 10:15 and he will let us know what to do next. So we decided to go down the road a little and look for something to do. It was 9:00 so we had about an hour to kill.

We went to Indian gardens and got some ice cream. It was so peaceful there. They had a beautiful creek and that really cool looking elk looks like Harry Potter's patronus (sp?).

Finally we got into the camp ground because we are very lucky people! After everything was set up we went on a little hike in our camp ground to get some good exercise in and we saw these butterflies and had to take a picture. They were so pretty!!! We also played a lot of games which I beat him EVERY single time!!!

That afternoon we went for a drive into town and took some pictures. We ate lunch at this tasty place called sabrina's. It was so delightful!

This is our little camp site. We stayed at cave springs camp ground in sedona all day saturday til about noon on sunday! Jared made a cover for our table because it started raining a little. He's so crafty. He says next time it will be even better so stay tuned for that! :)

It is just so beautiful in Sedona! I love adventures! I decided i love camping! So now I am a wilderness junky just like my husband!!

On our way home we went to SLIDE ROCK! It was so much fun!! It was so cold! Every time I got in the water I was freezing!!!! But we still pushed through the cold and had a blast!

This is on our way home from Sedona! It was an amazing camping trip! I had so much fun with my hubby!! I love him so much and so glad he took me camping! This is definitely a place we are going to go back to!!!

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