Monday, March 2, 2015


Jace has slept through the night since 5 weeks old! We have been so blessed with such a good baby! Lately though he decided to go to sleep later and later. We tried to let him cry in his crib in 5 min increments with me going in to calm him down in his crib. He did really well with that, but I didn't. I have the hardest time letting Jace cry. He is the best baby ever and to hear him cry makes me cry.
This is hard that I can't hear him cry, because sometimes I have to let him cry so that I can do his treatment. It is the hardest thing ever! I hate that I have to let Jace cry sometimes for his own good. Why does it break my heart so much?  I just want him to love his treatments, but I know that's almost impossible. The only way I will do his therapies now is if he is asleep in my arms. I hate that I have to do this to him, but know it's for his best. I love him so much and hope his life gets easier. I hate that he has to have cystic fibrosis and I would do anything to take it away from him!!!

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