Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding and Etc...

The wedding... WAS AWESOME!! It was really the happiest day in my life!! Nothing went wrong! Nothing! It was all blissful and perfect! I was the happiest, prettiest bride EVER!!! I love everything about being married! Seriously... Jared is my prince charming!!! He treats me like a queen and I love being his wife! I can't even begin to explain how happy I am to be with him forever!!! He is my better half and my everything.
Our honeymoon was fun :)! We went to Orlando Florida and played all day at Universal studios!!! I loved it! I had the greatest time! It was just awesome being with him! We only went for a few days, but we didn't have work for like 2 weeks so it was a nice start.
Now we are both super busy with work. I got two jobs and Jared has a landscaping/sprinkler system job, and is going to school. Poor thing.
P.S. did i mention i love him :)
I hate leaving him for work... :( I know I'm pathetic, but it's just so fun being with him! I love waking up and seeing his face!!! I LOVE being with him!I LOVE MARRIAGE!!

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